December 2, 2010


I haven't left my house or answered my phone in THREE DAYS because I know I'll bite the head off the first person I come in contact with. I think it has a lot to do with my mother-in-law, she's being really pushy about wanting to be in the delivery room and wants a good seat for the crowning. I told her that I'm super uncomfortable with ANYONE being "down there" (even my man meat has been banned from standing past my hips) but she wont let up! Every time she calls the house she wants to talk about my vagina, and I'm just so weirded out by it. I don't ask how her lady bits are doing every time she calls, why should it be any different for me?

I do love this woman, but I'm a huge introvert and would never in my wildest DREAMS ask (or even want) to be in full view of someones vagina while they go through such an intimate time. It just feels so personal to me. If there wasn't a baby coming out of there I wouldn't show it to her, I just feel like my girl parts are for her son only and I never thought I would have to fight to keep his MOTHER from wanting to see them.

I feel so yucky about this whole thing. 


Mrs. Montemayor said...

Aww! I can't imagine going through this. But I do know I will have to when the time comes...only with my own mother.

Good luck girl! Hang in there.

Mz Clean Freak said...

*wow*she seems pretty determined! I can understand not wanting every1 down there looking at your cooda....I don't understand why she would want to look at that either. Do she have daughters? Maybe she feels like a mother to you as well and want SO badly to be a part of this miracle. I wouldn't tell you what to do with your cooda but if it makes you that uncomfortable then maybe you can suggest that you record or take pictures so that she can see just the crowning or what not...
Any who,
Stay Blessed..

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