September 24, 2010

3D-4D ultrasound

I just got back from my 3D-4D ultrasound! It was even more wonderful than I could have ever dreamed it would be! Ron's Mom, step mom, and my mom and dad were there with us. They put us in this cute little room with two couches, a plush arm chair for Ron, a bed for me, and a HUGE tv. They had these sweet nursery rhymes playing, and everything was MAGICAL! Lily was very active at first and kept turning away from the camera. She does that when we're trying to get a heartbeat too, she'll swim away every time we find her. She's not ever born yet and already playing games with us! FINALLY, during the last three minutes or so, she turned STUCK HER TONGUE OUT and struck several poses. We have a dvd of it, but couldn't get any good stills of her with her tongue out.

After it was over, the technician said that she really enjoyed working with us, and asked if we could come back in about two weeks and do the 3D-4D ultrasound AGAIN for some new techs in training. FOR FREE! I was very happy to volunteer! I can't wait to see our little monster again and get MORE pictures. Did I mention they were going to do it FOR FREE! WOW!

My mom was joking as we were leaving the place that the baby isn't even born yet and she's already getting modeling gigs. hehehehe.

Ron was stoked!

getting gooed up. It was WARM! The goo at my doctors office is always freezing cold!

looking at our pictures

SOooo happy!


Mrs. Montemayor said...

Love the last photo! So much emotion in just a shot in time. <3

Love your blog. You are the cutest lil momma-to-be. :)

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