September 1, 2010

Jungle Theme

Strawberry smoothie = LOVE!

My mom has been spoiling the shit out of me while Ron has been away! Taking me out for smoothies, doing my laundry, buying all kinds of treasures for myself and the baby! I'm ALMOST sad that this weekend at mommy's is coming to an end. I am however SUPER stoked to pickup Ron from the airport today. I miss his face SOOOO bad!

To help pass the time, I've been painting some little 8"-10" canvases for our nursery. I figure It might help give my boyfriends brother that hint that I'm ready to get in the room he has been "living" in and he should start looking for a new place to dwell already. I wanted to paint the walls, but by the time we get Sean out of there the baby will probably be here already. I swear, he hasn't so much as left his room (other than to get a beer from the fridge) in over a month!!! He's not even working anymore, all he does is sit at home locked in my nursery playing world of warcraft! And I KNOW he's smoking pot in there (if not cigarettes as well)! I don't want my FUCKING NURSERY SMELLING LIKE AN ASH TRAY! Arrrrgh!!!

...I kind of just surprised myself. I had no idea I was so angry about this. eeep!

On a happier note, here's some pictures of the paintings I have done so far.

EXHIBIT A. The dining room table.

Who REALLY uses their dining room table for sit down dinners anyway? NOT US! We couldn't if we wanted. hehehehe. Maybe by Thanksgiving I will see the surface again?

These are some of the original ideas for baby jungle animal designs. I'm painting a series of 9 canvasses for the walls of the nursery. I'm thinking about using them as a makeshift border around the room.

Here are some that are just about done now...

I'm pretty happy with them so far. Really tho, they just make me even more "excited" about getting in that room and nesting! I want in soooo bad!!!


Green Door Girl said...

new follower from social parade - cute paintings! Miss Lily is going to love her new room - LOL. I am a mom of two little girls - it is wonderful!

feel free to check out my site -

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