August 4, 2010


I crack myself up every morning trying to get out of bed! It seems to get more difficult to stand up everyday, and I'm only half way through this pregnancy! I honestly can not imagine my belly getting any bigger! Pregnancy is bananas!

Babe had a company party this weekend. They had a bocce ball tournament I had never played before. It's kind of like bowling only your not trying to knock anything over, and it's played on a rough and un-even surface. I was put on a team with one of Babes companies biggest clients! I was so nervous, but the two of us ended up being one of the last two teams in the running! We didn't win, but everyone was treating us as if we had. Even the team we were playing against in the finals. There was a lot of teasing going on about all the "big men who couldn't even beat a little pregnant girl playing ball in HEALS!" it was pretty fun. I don't think I've ever gotten that much attention at a party in my life!

After the party I had to drive us home because Ron had been drinking, and being pregnant I was obviously sober. I don't mind driving him around when he's been drinking as long as we don't have to stay out too late. I get so tired and cranky these days when I don't get to bed before midnight.

When we got home Ron got a call from his friend Sunny saying that some of his old college buddies were in town and wanted us to come over. I was getting tired, but I knew that he REALLY wanted to go and since he'd been drinking I would have to drive him. I said ok, but only as long as we didn't have to stay out TOO late. He agreed and told me we would be home and in bed before midnight. We stopped at 7-11 on the way to get him a six pack of beer and some sparkling apple cider for me.

When we got to Sunny's all the boys and their girlfriends were sitting around a table playing drinking games. I sat and watched, and helped them keep track of the rules. After the game was over (around 2am) and all the girls had gone to bed I assumed we would be heading home, but I was wrong. The boys were only just getting started! They turned on some movie, broke out the cards, and started shotgunning beers. I pulled Ron  aside and let him know that it was late, I was sleepy and ready to go. He looked at me with those googly eyes boys get when they've had a few too many and told me to go ahead and go home, he could get a ride with some one else. YEAH RIGHT! They were ALL drunk! I told him that I didn't think that was a very smart idea, and I would be willing to wait for him to finish the beer he had just opened but after that we would be going home. Together.

I was finally able to get him home around 3am. It's funny, typing this out 3am doesn't seem all that late, but things change when you're lugging a belly full of fetus around with you everywhere you go.

He was pretty hung over the next day so we walked down to the store together with the dog for gatorade and excedrin. When he was feeling better he took me vintage clothes shopping to make up for being a butt head the night before. I got an eyelet lace white dress, vintage lace white top, light blue floral button up, and a couple scarves.

All in all it was a pretty wonderful weekend! Now that it's monday I have to start on the house work again. I just can't seem to keep this place clean! Nesting has been really difficult while living with two messy boys.

: \


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