August 10, 2010


I got hit with the nesting bug this weekend! It started out as just doing the dishes (normal), that turned into taking EVERYTHING out of my cabinets and washing everything, then rearranging them all. I tore apart my refrigerator, scrubbed out every compartment and rearranged all of my condiments by expiration dates. THEN I got on my hands and knees, scrubbed the floor, then the walls, then THE CEILING!!! I spent 8 hours on the kitchen, 11 on the living areas, and a whole day on our bedroom. I was able to get Ron to clean the bathroom (kind of) because our bathroom has no ventilation so he was worried about the baby breathing in all the chemicals. It's not clean to my standards, but it's better than it was. Now if only I could get his brother out of our house so I could start on the nursery. I'm just DYING to get my hands on that room!

Last night Ron went over to his friend Teddy's house to watch basketball, he wanted me to go with him but I really couldn't care less about basketball, and the walls in the living room were begging me to Mr. clean magic eraser them. As soon as he left I felt the baby kick REAL hard. I got so excited because I hadn't felt it move in a couple days, so I spent the rest of the time Ron was gone just lying on the couch holding my belly and feeling my baby move around. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world! When babe got home and I told him about all the movement he missed out on and he got pretty bummed, but later that night in bed while he was talking to my belly he was able to feel it kick pretty hard. He looked like he was going to cry! We're both so excited!

We get our BIG ultrasound on Wednesday! Myself and pretty much everyone close to me thinks it's going to be a girl. I took some silly "old wives tales" quiz online and it said we have a 83% chance of it being a girl. I think part of us (Ronand I) is hoping it's a girl because we're butting heads so hard on boys names. He's into the super crazy Irish names, and I'm just not. Ugh.

Any who, here's a pictures from a baseball game we went to recently, and a belly pic from today (23 weeks)


I think it looks like I have a big pumpkin or beach ball under my skin : )

Ron thinks it's beautiful.


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